Dance Your Emotions

by Lindsi Kay (LK)

Enjoy exploring movement in a “no wrong answers” approach. Activities are designed to enhance creativity and social/emotional growth.

Learning target:

  • I can express my emotions through movement with my body using: shapes, speed, energy, size of movement, and facial expression.
  • Expressing my emotions through body movement can be a safe and healthy way to honor and release emotions from my mind. 


  • Open space
  • Music


  1. Make a list of 5-10 different emotions we experience as humans.
    List of Human Emotions: Happy, sad, excited, angry, shy, scared.
  2. Turn on music. You may use a stereo, or an online music player like Spotify or Pandora.TIP: Spotify or Pandora are recommended because they allow you to select music based on a “MOOD” (AKA – an emotion).Screenshot of Spotify selection screen and where to find the Mood tab.


  3. Spend 1 minute DANCING (moving your body like) each emotion. Use your speed, your facial expression, your energy, and the size of your movements to show each emotion with your movement.TIP: Move for one minute per emotion. If you have 7 emotions, you will spend 7 minutes dancing. You may change the music/song for each emotion. 

    Example: Happy
    Lindsi modeling happy emotions.

    Example: Angry
    Lindsi modeling movement for angry emotions.

    Example: Shy
    Lindsi modeling shy body movements.


  4. Notice how you feel after each minute of movement. Did you truly FEEL that emotion as you were dancing? How did you feel afterwards?


Write in your journal or draw in your sketchbook.

  • Which was your favorite emotion to express through movement/dance? 
  • Which was your least favorite emotion to express through movement/dance? 
  • Did moving in different ways affect your feelings? How?


  • Choose your favorite emotion to dance to, put on a good song for it, and dance through the entire song while demonstrating that single emotion. 
  • Add props to your movement/dance, as if they are your dance partner. 
  • Invite a friend to dance their emotions with you!
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