Please see our page on travel and program availability.

Performances, residency sessions, and classroom workshop sessions are approximately 50 minutes long. Family Arts Night workshops and teacher workshops are 90 minutes long.

Performance costs vary by artist and range from $295 to $1,010 for a single performance. Please click here to read more about residencies and their costs.

A pair performance is when an artist does two performances at a location with a minimal amount of time in between. Artists may agree to schedule performances separated by more time (i.e. a 10am and a 1pm), but each performance would be charged at the single performance fee. Please click here to read more about performances and their costs.

A residency is a minimum of three sessions with a classroom while a workshop is usually a one-time program.

For services under 30 days in length, payment is due upon completion of work. For services over 30 days in length, 50% of total is due at midpoint of work and the balance is due upon completion.

If a school has Run For The Arts funds, the principal may designate one or more “fund managers” who will be allowed to sign RFA forms (and thus authorize payments from the school’s Run For The Arts account) on the principal’s behalf.

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