Far West Recycling Arts Grant

About the Grant

Young Audiences and Far West Recycling have partnered together for more than 25 years to bring arts programming to K-8 Beaverton School District students. This grant provides funding for programs with Young Audiences artists, including: performances, residencies and workshops that have been adapted for Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Current Grant Cycle

Status: Closed

Want to be on the announcement mailing list for next year? Please contact Josephine Kuever at josephine@ya-or.org


  • Schools listed on the Beaverton School District website that serve K through 8th grades.
  • Schools that either did not receive a grant last school year, OR received a grant and returned a grant report to Young Audiences by the deadline.

For more information, please contact Josephine Kuever at josephine@ya-or.org.

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