Coping With Stress Cards

by Christine Martell

Students will use drawing techniques to express uncomfortable feelings and remind themselves how to feel better.

Learning Target

● I can identify my uncomfortable feelings.
● I can make art to help me feel better.


● Art Paper
● Scissors
● Sketchbook
● Pencils or pens to draw with
● Colored pencils or watercolors


1. Fold your paper in half and cut on the fold.

2. Fold each one in half again and cut on the fold.

3. You should have 4 pieces of paper. Use a feeling for each piece of paper: Mad, Sad, Scared and Tired.

4. Use your sketchbook and a pencil to draw ideas first. Think about the type of letters that express the feeling of each word and try different kinds of letters.

5. On the other side, create a piece of art using pens, colored pencils and watercolors that feels like your word.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for more word sets: Confident, Productive, Active, Powerful, Content, Peaceful, Relaxed, Pleased, Joyful, Energetic, Silly, Delighted


Write in your journal or draw in your sketchbook
● What feelings were easiest to express on the cards?
● What colors, shapes and lines helped create your feelings?
● What materials worked best for you?


● Make a set of cards for a friend or family member.
● Notice when someone is feeling bad. Make a card for them.
● Come up with other feeling words to make more cards.
● If your paper wrinkles if you use watercolor, place it under heavy books to help flatten it out.

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