Stop Motion Tableau

by Mr. David

Learn to make art by using Tableau and Stop Motion! Tableau is a frozen picture created with your body that shows a story. Stop Motion is a series of frozen pictures with little changes made between them that make the artwork look like it is moving.

Learning Target

● I can use my body to show emotions that tell a story.
● I can use stop motion tableau and frozen pictures to tell a story


● Space to move around
● A mirror, chromebook with a webcam, or a family member to take pictures/photographs so you can see yourself


1. Frozen Picture: Freeze your body to show feelings!

Make your frozen picture really big and silly. Try freezing in a happy picture.

Try freezing in a sad picture. Try freezing in a mad picture.

Try freezing in an excited picture. What other emotions can you try?

2. Tableau: Now make 3 frozen pictures to show a story.


You have your favorite ice cream! Show excited.


Your ice cream starts to fall! Show surprised, worried, or scared:


Your ice cream is on the ground. Show sad, angry or confused.

3. Stop motion: Tell the same ice cream story with 10 frozen pictures!


Count as you freeze between each tiny movement!


Use your whole body. It feels like slow motion.


Look at your pictures in order. Can you see your emotions change? Can you see the story? This is Stop Motion!


Write in your journal or draw in your sketchbook
1. How does it feel to slow down and feel the small movements in your body as you created these pictures?
2. How else can you tell stories without words?
3. What was your favorite emotion or frozen picture to create?


1. Create a different story using Stop Motion Tableau perform it for your family.
2. Download Stop Motion Studio (its free) and create an animated version.
3. Try making a stop motion animation story with 24 pictures, (or frames.) The movements are now even smaller! Think about what your eyebrows are doing. How does your mouth change to show happiness, surprise and sadness?

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