I would like to schedule a teaching artist. What information do I need when I contact them?

Before calling an arts provider, you’ll want to know your school’s goals for the students’ arts experience, the available budget, your general timeframe and any specific questions you might have about how an artist works with schools and students. This first phone call will help you determine if an artist will be a good fit for your needs.


When is the right time to contact a teaching artist?

Once your school’s Right Brain Arts Planning Team has identified your school goals and determined with school staff which artists the school is interested in, it is time to give them a call! We also always recommend scheduling as early as possible before teaching artists get booked up. In addition to that, if you schedule your residency in the fall, you’ll be able to build upon that learning for the rest of the year.


Why are some of the programmatic descriptions in the teaching artist profiles so open-ended?

Since one of the priorities of The Right Brain Initiative is for artists and teachers to collaborate in their planning for what students will do and learn during a Right Brain arts experience, many teaching artists have tried to reflect this flexibility in their program descriptions.


Why is there a difference among the fees for the arts providers?

All arts providers working with The Right Brain Initiative are independent contractors partnering with the initiative. Therefore each teaching artist or organization sets their own fees. When reviewing fees there are a couple of major components to keep in mind: Is this fee the total cost or the session cost? Are the supply costs folded into the total cost?

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